In Rome Bed and Breakfast offers a collection of bed and breakfast accommodation in Italy. If you are looking for a welcoming, warm, familiar environment with an high quality standard and a perfect location, this is the right place. All the bed and breakfast in Italy listed here have been supervised by our staff, selected and presented how they are. We offer also a choice of self catered independent apartments. This selection is powered by Italia Lodging.

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Accommodation in Italy - bed and breakfast and apartments

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Bed and Breakfast in Italy

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Bed and breakfast in Italy

Not only Rome. In this section you can find bed and breakfasts, small charming hotels and apartment is many parts of Italy. 

Other Places to visit in Italy

      Amalfi Coast
      The Amalfi Coast is a wonderful location lying between two fascinating Tyrrhenian Sea gulfs: the splendid cities of Naples and Salerno. Here, there are several itineraries to be taken among the lemon groves, olive groves and the Mediterranean scrub, age-old city centres and ancient farmhouses, archaeological sites, Saracen towers, convents and churches with splendid Eighteenth-Century majolica floors, seaside towns, lovely beaches and panoramic views which you will simply never forget. Places like Positano, Sorrento, Massa Lubrense, Amalfi, Praiano just to mention a few. Here you have a list of Amalfi Coast Hotels, Amalfi Coast bed and breakfasts and apartments. All the lodgings have been selected for a relaxing and charming stay.
      Amalfi Coast

      Campania attracts millions of tourists, both Italian and international. There are several attractions offered by Naples and the surrounding areas, such as the archaeological centres of Pompeii, Hercolaneum, Cuma and Paestum, the charming Salerno area, the pretty Sorrento and Amalfi coasts and the charming islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. Do not miss the "d'Oltremare" Exhibition, the Sorrento sailing regattas and the International Cinema Festivals.

      About 8000 people live in Capri and 7000 in Anacapri. The town of Capri is located on the eastern side of the island, Marina Grande - the port - to the North and Marina Piccola to the South. Anacapri is on the western side of the island and is separated from Capri town by the imposing slopes of Mount Solaro The climate of Capri is typically mediterranean. The temperature varies from 10 C in February - the coldest month - to 28 C in August. Spring and Autumn are the milder seasons during which it is certainly more pleasant to visit the island.

      Cortona, Tuscany
      Cortona is in Tuscany, region where the variety of landscapes will satisfy even the most demanding tourists: a clean sea, pretty countryside, natural parks, Winter sports and trips to the spas. All of this is combined with the many artistic attractions: Etruscan art, Medieval art and Renaissance art, with works of outstanding artists preserved in museums, hermitages and picturesque towns. Last but not least, the local folklore and the local cuisine will not let you down

      A city of art unchallenged in Italy or in the rest of the world, Florence is never forgotten by those who come to visit. Its age-old history and remarkable culture go back for what seems like forever and this has created a city of amazing beauty and harmony, all over the city. Its squares, buildings, churches and museums, the walks along the Arno, the splendid gardens: Florence will never cease to amaze and charm you and will continuously provide you with sensations and atmospheres which recall the magic of the past.

      Genoa, the capital of Liguria, stretches along the bay of the same name from Voltri to the west as far as Nervi to the east, while the hinterland area takes in the lower parts of the Polcevera and Bisagno Valleys.The present-day urban conglomeration is the result of the merging of various municipalities in 1926. The original nucleus of the city, which already existed in pre-Roman times, developed around the Mandraccio wharf area and on Castello Hill, which overlooks it. In the ninth century, the Genoese built the first town walls and laid the foundations for the development of shipping and sea-trading, which would eventually make the Republic of Genoa a Mediterranean sea power and create a dominion stretching across the entire region of Liguria. From the nineteenth century onwards, the great city port was flanked by large industrial areas. The old town district is one of the largest in Europe.

      Located in the Bay of Naples, Ischia is the largest of the Parthenopean islands. Its volcanic origin can be easily seen through the fumaroles and the thermo-mineral springs on all sides of the area, which also give the clear sea a temperature which mean you can even swim out of season. Known as the “Green Island”, Ischia is full of historical, archaeological and environmental interest.

      White calcareous cliffs, grottoes, deep gorges, abysses and vast plateaux make Puglia the ideal destination for those who love beautiful landscapes. The beauty of the landscapes is matched by the nobility of the artistic works: archaeological centres, ancient towns, Romanesque churches, castles, church-grottoes and the magnificent creations of Lecce Baroque. Nor should we forget the "Fiera del Levante" Trade Fair which takes place every year in September.

      Lucca, Tuscany
      An attractive city of art in the heart of Tuscany, Lucca is also famous the world over for having been the town of birth of Giacomo Puccini and Luigi Boccherini. Lucca has a charming and characteristic old city centre and you simply cannot afford to miss the ancient medieval towers, the splendid Romanesque and Pisa-style churches, the Roman amphitheatre and the old city walls and ramparts, along which you can still walk. From here, it is also easy to get to other major tourist attractions like Pisa, Florence, Siena, the Garfagnana region, the Versilia region and the Apuan Alps

      Visiting Naples means also and above all “to live the city”, and this can happen only if you come into contact with its “colour”, that is the fact that the traditions have been always alive during the centuries. The art of goldsmith; the crafts of the lute-makers and of the masters who create masterpieces made of wrought iron or wooden objects; the genius of the “pastorai”, who mould objects in clay according the past customs; the masterpieces made by the potters of Capodimonte are an example. In the napolitan “colour” the artists are inspired, such as Sammartino, musicians such as Mozart

      A spectacular Mediterranean city and capital of Sicily, Palermo is located in a wonderful inlet on the Northern coast of the island. The various civilisations which have passed through here have left behind precious landmarks which make the city a place of staggering charm. You simply cannot afford to miss the trips around the fascinating places surrounding Palermo: Monreale, Mondello, Bagheria and the beautiful island, Ustica .

      Pretty coasts, surprisingly varied, and nice waters, among the least contaminated in the Mediterranean, make Sicily the ideal destination for tourists looking for the sea. However, you should not miss the great ethnographic and folklore traditions and the many archaeological attractions, like several ruins from the Punic and Roman ages and the thousands of Pre-Nuraghe and Nuraghe monuments, among the most eloquent artefacts of European prehistory.

      Sorrento, how many definitions have been ascribed to this locality, one of the most well-known international tourist sights. Sorrento,native city of the poet Torquato Tasso, who was born here in 1544; kind Sorrento; Sorrento: land of colours; Sorrento: land of the Mermaids; Sorrento, the city of the orange and lemon groves, etc.Each one of these definitions contains the truth because Sorrento is indeed a very pretty little city where kindness and hospitality are a combination that is handed down from one generation to the next. Sorrento, not to be rhetorical, is indeed the land of colours: brilliant or delicate hues depending on the change of the seasons. If you just pause a moment to observe how emotional a sunset can be when you gaze in the direction of Punta del Capo, of Ischia or Procida, the outlines of which can be seen clearly, you will be amazed by the variety of colours and the beauty of the scene. Or look, preferably from the sea, towards the majestic ridge of tuff rock that changes colour at every hour of the day.

      The variety of landscapes will satisfy even the most demanding tourists: a clean sea, pretty countryside, natural parks, Winter sports and trips to the spas. All of this is combined with the many artistic attractions: Etruscan art, Medieval art and Renaissance art, with works of outstanding artists preserved in museums, hermitages and picturesque towns. Last but not least, the local folklore and the local cuisine will not let you down.

      A green region with pretty landscapes much loved by painters, Umbria has famous spa resorts, top-service skiing centres and summer resorts. There are extremely beautiful Sanctuaries in Assisi, Cascia and Orvieto. The are very interesting and spectacular folklore events, always in medieval costume, the amazing ceremonies of Holy Week and internationally-renowned cultural events: the "Two Worlds" Festival in Spoleto, Umbria Jazz in Perugia and the Antique Exhibition in Todi.

      Val di Fassa
      Comprising seven individual villages and located amid some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, Val Di Fassa has it all. Linked to the vast Dolomiti Super Ski Pass area and flanked by the awesome Dolomites, Val Di Fassa has access to the largest ski area in the world, with a choice of 1,200kms of ski slopes on the one pass. The Val Di Fassa resort combines seven resorts into one unforgettable ski experience set among majestic backdrops. The majority of visitors stay at the residences in Campitello and Canazei, making these places the busiest at the resort. Although typically Italian in atmosphere and character, Val Di Fassa has retained links to its roots and the ancient Ladin language is still spoken here
      Val di Fassa

      A unique city of art, Venice is known the world over for its amazing bridges overlooking the picturesque canals, its romantic gondolas, the extraordinary Piazza San Marco, the magnificent Ducal Palace and the spectacular Carnival Period. There are also a whole range of fascinating museums and artistic and cultural attractions which are talked about all over the world. “Venice is simply Venice” and never fails to leave you with unforgettable memories.

      Welcome to Verona! The city of the most famous lovers in history: Romeo and Juliet. But Verona has much more to offer. The city, also known as Urbs Nobilissima, is the second biggest city in Veneto (after Venice). It is one of the cities that has better preserved its artistic heritage in Italy.


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