Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mark Knopfler, Concert in Rome

A left-handed Scotsman who plays a right-hand guitar without a plectrum and produces brilliant results. Who are we talking about? Mark Knopfler of course.

The leader of Dire Straits - a legendary band behind some of the most memorable tracks in the history of rock, such as "Sultans of swing" and "Romeo and Juliet" - left the group to embark on a solo career.

After a first listen to his new album, it is clear that he has embraced folk and country sounds, especially on tracks like "Golden heart", "Sailing to Philadelphia" and "Shangri-la". Knopfler brings his latest album "Kill to Get Crimson" on tour around Europe, as well as his red and white Stratocaster Fender.

Rome, Palalottomatica - JUNE 6, 2008


The Cure - Concert in Rome

Pop, gothic, eclectic, psychedelic (remember the giant spider in the 'Lullaby' video), but also ballads, rock and post-punk; the range of sounds and styles attributed to the Cure over the years by critics is infinite...

The charismatic leader of the band, Robert Smith, rejects all labels however and says: "I play Cure music, whatever music that is". The band's repertoire is made up of pieces that range from the hard to the very light - each track has its own special magic - and lyrics inspired by writers such as Baudelaire, Kafka and Camus.

On 29 February Rome will have the pleasure of hosting one of the most unique bands in the world, namely, the Cure.


Monday, July 9, 2007

"Amare la letteratura (Loving literature)"

Roland Barthes believes very strongly in the physical presence of literature and sustains that loving it "means dispelling every doubt in its present, its actuality, its immediacy [...] in the moment of reading".

In the refined location of Villa Medici various contemporary authors such as Jean-Christophe Bailly, Jean Rolin and Bernard Comment will read a selection of literature excerpts that they feel passionate about and that they will then comment on freely.

These soirées will feature the works of Rabelais, Camus, Proust and Kafka read in French with unbridled enthusiasm

Where: Accademia di Francia a Roma - Villa Medici
Address: Viale Trinità dei Monti, 1
Phone: 06 67 61 29 1
Hours: 27 Feb, 27 Mar, 17 Apr, 22 May, 10 Jul, 17 Nov h19,30
Tickets: Free entrance


Friday, June 22, 2007

Romaeuropa Festival 2007

"Romaeuropa Festival 2007"
The 2007 RomaEuropa Festival, Rome's annual appointment with the international arts, hosts music, dance, theatre and the visual arts. It is a bridge between cultures and diverse artistic performances from the north of the globe.
Baricco is the only Italian in this year's programme. His theatre version of "Moby Dick" sees the participation of Stefano Benni, Paolo Rossi and Clive Russel. Other artists at this year's Romaeuropa Festival include Akram Khan, Emanuel Gat, Zuhe Niao, Tan Dun, Julien Bruneau, Paul-André Fortier and Crystal Pite.
"Una generazione avanti" or One generation forward is this year's motto. Most opportune.

Participating venues
Palladium Università Roma Tre - Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 8 Auditorium della Conciliazione - Via della Conciliazione, 4
Auditorium Parco della Musica - Viale de Coubertin, 30
Teatro Olimpico - Piazza G. da Fabriano, 17
Brancaleone - Via Levanna, 11
Open-air venue - Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina
Palazzo Fendi - Via di Fontanella Borghese, 48


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jazz in Rome - Summer 2007

"SUMMERTIME. Estate alla Casa del Jazz (SUMMERTIME at Rome's Casa del Jazz)
This summer the House of Jazz hosts some great names and bona fide stars!Enrico Rava performs several nights in "Rava Days" alongside musicians Mauro Negri and Gianluca Petrella, and his original band "Electric Five". The summer programme will be inaugurated by Ivan Segreto and Paolo Fresu, and host big American stars - from Dave Liebman to Bad Plus and Joey De Francesco - but also Italy's best jazz names, Roberto Gatto, Stefano Di Battista, Ada Montellanico and Ettore Fioravanti. The contemporary New York scene, which is becoming ever more interesting musically speaking, is represented by the likes of Bill Stewart, Mark Turner, Ed Simon and Aaron Goldberg; great vocal performances are provided by Esperanza Spalding, Antonio Placer, Tierney Sutton and Elena Ledda. The icing on the cake is the section dedicated to emerging talent and featuring Alboran Trio, Stefania Tallini, Paolo Recchia and Giovanni Guidi.

Where: Parco della Casa del Jazz
Address: Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55
Phone: 06 70 47 31
Tickets: From €5 to €15